Various competing events are offered during the course of the fair. Please click on the links below to see details of each event.  You can see photographs of previous competition winners here.

Novice Tests The Gundog Scurry Pets Parade
Scottish Communications 4 Bird Pick-Up Companion Dog Show Terrier Racing
Small Bore Rifle Shooting Flycasting Competitions Clay Shooting

Novice Tests

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These tests are normally for dogs that have not won a competition before.  We hold tests in June for Spaniels and Retrievers to select dogs that you can see competing at the event.  Anyone interested in participation for next year, please contact me, Malcolm Smith, on  01667 462386  for further details.

All persons attending the test must consider themselves under the orders of the Committee and Stewards.  The Organisers do not accept responsibility for injury to, or caused by, any dog engaged in the tests.

  • Spaniels
  • Retrievers

Start Friday at 10am

The Gundog Scurry

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Entries taken at the Scurry Tent.  There are two types of Gundog Scurry open to dogs of any breed which are used or being trained as gundogs.

In the first, the dog will be required to jump a fence and retrieve dummies from scrub and water.  A shot will be fired.  Judging is on the time taken to deliver both dummies to hand.

In the second a "Three Bird (Dummy) Pick Up", the dog is required to retrieve three "Blind" dummies in any order.


  1. These will be on show in the Scurry tent.
  2. Dogs may compete on both days but Friday's prize-winner will not be eligible for the 1st award on Saturday.  Priority of entry on Saturday will be given to dogs having their first run of the competition.
  3. Dogs waiting their turn MUST be kept on a lead.


  • Friday's Winner - Chudley Trophy
  • Retriever Winner - Shield and Prize
  • Spaniel Winner - Peitown Spaniel Trophy
  • Lady Handler - The Blae Trophy (Miss S. Walker)
  • Young Handler - The Helga Memorial Trophy
  • "Three Bird Pick Up" - JET 2000

Other prizes and certificates to third place in all events.

The last entry will be at 4:15pm and the Prize Giving at 5:00pm.

Please DO turn up for your prizes and certificates as any unclaimed CANNOT be posted.

Scottish Communications 4 Bird Pick-Up

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The dog is required to collect 4 hidden dummies against the clock.  Competitors are allowed only one entry per dog.  Competition to be held on both days.

Companion Dog Show

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Entries are taken from 12 Noon at the Committee Tent.  Saturday only.

Terrier Racing

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The event will provide a light-hearted contrast to the more serious working gundog tests.  Terriers of any breed will be eligible to race after a moving dummy over a short course.  

Entries will be taken at the Committee Tent from 2.30pm onwards each day and racing will start at 3:45pm on Friday and 4:15pm on Saturday.

Pets Parade

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Entries for the Pets Parade will be taken at 2:00pm at the Committee Tent.

Small Bore Rifle Shooting

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Daily competitions on Friday and Saturday for three groups - Junior, Ladies and Men, with a trophy for the highest returned score each day in each group.  The A.M. MacArthur Trophy is awarded to the shooter with the highest combined score over two days.

Clay Shooting

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1, 30 target Sporting Competition.  Re-entry fee (ex-cartridges) £15.00.
   1st Prize £100.00 plus various other prizes.

2,25 target Down The Line Competition.  Re-entry fee (ex-cartridges) £12.00. 
   1stPrize £100.00 plus various other prizes including Bruichladdich Botantis    Gin.

3,Sporting High Gun (aggregate over two days).  £100.00100.00

The Royal Bank of Scotland Perpetual Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the Sporting High Gun over the two days.

12 and 20 Bore cartridges will be on sale at the entry tent for the duration of the fair but competitors are free to use their own cartridges for all events.


There is also a novice stand for beginners.  This allows anyone to have a go at clay target shooting regardless of age under expert supervision.  Hire of shotgun, cartridges, clays, ear protection and instruction are included in the price of entry (£3.00 for 5 shots or £5.00 for 10 shots).

Clay shooting competitions are generously sponsored by Bruichladdich Distillery -


Please contact David Gillies by email should you wish to purchase a clay pigeon car park pass for  £3.  This allows parking right beside the clay shooting area

Gun Licences:  In view of the security situation Police scotland will expect all those bringing their shotgun to the Fair to be in possesion of their shotgun licence

Flycasting Competitions

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Event Category
The Tomatin Distillery, Salmon fly casting - distance - Competition. Open
Trout Fly Casting - accuracy - Competition Open
Trout Fly Casting - accuracy  BFSS Triathlon
The Tomatin Distillery Crystal Prize
The event is in two parts:
Part 1 - Salmon fly casting - distance Ladies and Gents only
Part 2 - Trout fly casting - accuracy Ladies and Gents only
Best combined score over two days.

Competitions will be run continuously from 10:00am.

Please Note:- The above are intended for Amateur Anglers only.  This excludes professional casting instructors or previous winner of any event in the British National Casting Tournament.  Juniors - Age limit 16 years.  Tickets available from the Angling Club tent.  No tickets will be issued after 4pm.

Tackle - All competitors must use the tackle provided.

Rules - In all cases the decision of the judges on the pitch will be final.

Prize giving will take place at the Angling Club Tent at 4:30-5:00pm each day.